Sunday, 3 July 2011

Installing XenApp 6.5 Tech Preview - Part 2 – Web Interface 5.4

Continuing my build of a demo XenApp 6.5 Tech Preview farm, I’m running through the setup of the new Web Interface, v5.4. In truth there’s nothing new in the initial phase of this setup so first I’ll have a look at what Citrix have to say on the subject.

The Citrix eDocs site for this version of the Web Interface is here:

New Features:

Updated end user interface. The layout and color scheme for end users has been updated to help improve navigation and readability.

Session sharing for VM hosted applications. The Web Interface now supports session sharing for Virtual Machine (VM) hosted apps. This feature is only available for seamless applications and non-anonymous users.

Multiple desktop access for users. In previous versions of the Web Interface, users could only access a single instance of a desktop per desktop group. Now, users can access multiple instances of desktops in desktop groups. For more information about assigning desktops to users, see the XenDesktop version 5 documentation.

Improved smart card support for Access Gateway. Smart card authentication to the Web Interface is now compatible with more environments. The Web Interface can now accept User Principal Names (UPNs) from Access Gateway as well as the user name and domain. Additionally, the Web Interface has been updated to comply with FIPS. This new functionality can only be used with the pass-through authentication for smart card option and you must be logged on as a domain administrator. For more information about configuring smart card support for Access Gateway, see the Access Gateway documentation.

Ability to set additional default values. Administrators can configure default values for all bandwidth-related settings, such as audio quality, color depth, bandwidth profile, printer mapping, and window size.

ICA File Signing. The Web Interface digitally signs generated ICA files, to allow compatible Citrix clients and plug-ins to validate that the file originates from a trusted source.

Before we can install the Web Interface, we need the J# Redistributable, which is not installed by default. Its on the XenApp 6.5 DVD though, so run it manually from here (use the 64-bit one if this is Windows Server 2008 R2):


On J# is installed, run Server Manager from Administrative Tools. Right click Roles, Click Add Roles. Assuming it is not installed, select Web Server (IIS) on and click Next.


If Web Server (IIS) was already installed, select it in Server Managed (under Roles), right click and select Add Roles Services.


Leave the defaults selected, but turn on ASP.NET if not on already (agreeing to the other components turned on by this)


Then scroll down to Management Tools > IIS 6 Management Capability and turn on IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility too.


Click Next and Install to install IIS with the IIS 6 Metabase option. If you miss these components, the main Web Interface install will fail with a message telling you what you need on.
From the XenApp 6.5 installer file share, find the "Citrix Receiver and Plug-ins" folder in the root of the folder and copy it to the local drive of your new Web Interface server.
Execute \Web Interface\WebInterface.exe from the file share.

Select your language and agree to the EULA.

On the Location of Clients page, click "Copy the clients to this computer" and enter the location of the "Citrix Receiver and Plug-ins" folder you copied in earlier


Click Next and Next to install.

After Install (should only take a few seconds) leave the checkbox to Start creating sites now selected and click Finish


At this point we can’t go any further without creating the farm, so we’ll come back to the Web Interface setup in a while


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