Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Notes on the Citrix Client 11.2

I’m currently trying to persuade my highly doubtful colleagues to move all our clients to client 11.2, partly to break our addiction to the now discontinued Program Neighborhood.  In testing this new beast I’ve found a few things of “interest”…

  • It doesn’t include Program Neighborhood at all – no big surprise, it was dropped from 11.1 as well.  What is more interesting is that XenApp for Windows 2008 R2 doesn’t support it.
  • It comes in two flavours, “full” (PN Agent and Web) and just web.  But you can use the full version to just install the web client if you use the right switches.
  • If you use the web installer you can’t use pass-through authentication!  Link
  • It is built in a completely different way to every previous version I have seen going back to v6.  Its not an MSI you can pre-configure, its an EXE that you configure with switches.  See the switches here.  If you just double click it you get default values for everything, so you really want to use the switches.  So we go from a remotely deployable configured MSI to a batch file calling an EXE.  Great.
  • If you have to use it as an MSI, you can extract about 6 MSI’s from the EXE. But installing these doesn’t support upgrading at all and you have to create their directories for them.


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