Friday, 16 April 2010

Citric online plug-in – changing the Server URL breaks shortcuts

imageI’ve had a strange bug reported by one of my users when I changed the Server URL her PN Agent (sorry, online plug-in!) used to connect to the farm.  She had dragged lots of shortcuts from her Start Menu to her desktop for Word, Excel, etc and now none of them worked – they came up with “The requested resource has been removed from the server”.

Which it hadn’t.

Anyway, the new and old Server URL went to the same Web Interface server and connected to the same farms, just with different options – after looking a bit closer though the capitalisation I’d given the farm names in “Server Farms” under the different Web Services sites were slightly different – same letters, just different capitals.  I made them the same and the old shortcuts all started working again.  I then went through every Web Interface site and made sure they were all the same! 

Yet another picky “feature” of Citrix…


Anonymous said...

i configured the new xenapp server6 . while install xenapp6.0 at that time i integrated xml service with iis service but when i try to open application through the citrix then i face issue qn error occured while making requested connection.

I follow below steps:

1) i checked the license server edition and host name ,ports
2)I added all the users in remote desktop connection
3)i checked ica listner network connection settings.
then also i am facing same issue so please help me.

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