Thursday, 30 June 2011

Citrix Online Plug-in v12.1.44.1 brings IE9 support

imageCitrix have released a minor upgrade for their now pretty aged v12.1 of the Citrix Online Plug-in, which has been the current version of the client since November 2010.  This is to fix issues which some users had in launching applications after they upgraded to Internet Explorer 9.

IE9 is a little annoying at the best of times with Citrix’s Web Interface as it now often asks you to download and open an ICA file instead of just launching your application, but some users have reported that they don’t even get the option to open the ICA file with the old version, v12.1.0.30, due to a sharing violation. The problem was certainly not seen by everyone – I have been using IE9 with more than one Web Interface site for over a month without issue.  Users on the same sites and same browser and OS versions reported issues to me.

The new client has no other fixes listed than support for IE9 (which can still display the ICA download popup message – but it actually works now) so a major rollout of this client would probably be unnecessary.  Citrix even state on the notes for this release “Any known issues in Version 12.1 of the product, except for the specific issues resolved in this private online plug-in, still apply.”  Those known issues can be seen here:

Oddly, the old broken client is still the main plug-in to download – you need to logon to MyCitrix to download the working version. 

Full details here:


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