Thursday, 16 August 2012

Citrix Online Plug-in 12.3 - the Last Good Client?!

In April Citrix released, with very little fanfare, a very interesting version of the Online Plug-in (previously known as the PN Agent) – version 12.3, downloadable from here:

As well as the main client (which includes Agent and Web clients), there is the usual web client download and also a metadata file, so you can put the client on a Merchandising Server if that’s how you roll it out.

First off, I’ll say this is a great client.  Everyone who wants to retain the use of the blue Agent icon and is using an earlier client should consider it.  v12.0 was buggy as hell but had some decent new features – v12.1 fixed a lot of those bugs (but still had some, especially with IE9).  v12.3 finally gives us a fully working v12.x client, fixing 86 previous bugs!  This is a list of issues resolved:

The reason I am surprised by this client is that it is refreshingly short on new features or a new look and feel.  I’ve never warmed to the Receiver client’s interface and have resisted using the Merchandising Server since it enforced the loss of the Agent icon in the system tray.  Basically, this client is unusual because it doesn’t follow Citrix’s habit of forcing users to change what they use and how they work, but just fixes bugs.  It doesn’t even have a new name!  More of this please Citrix.  I have already fixed a couple of persistent issues by installing v12.3 on users PCs, especially the annoying “pressing ‘L’ in Citrix sometimes locks the Citrix session” bug. 

What’s odd is this means they have released the v12.3 client after v13.  Crazy.


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Have you found any vulnerabilities Citrix Online Plug-in 12.3

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