Thursday, 11 March 2010

XenApp 6 available for download March 24th

The big wait for XenApp for R2 (which Citrix are finally admitting is called XenApp 6) looks like it might nearly be over – R2 is plastered all over the Citrix site and buried in there is the date for download availability – March 24th 2010.

I can’t wait (no, really!) to get my hands on this as the Tech Preview version was a huge step forward from XenApp 5 for us.  In our benchmarking we saw some serious issues with long logon time and high CPU when we threw loads of Office users at XenApp 5 servers in benchmarking.  XenApp 6 Tech Preview beat it with considerable ease, so assuming they’ve not broken it in the meantime it should be an obvious choice.


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