Wednesday, 24 March 2010

XenApp client 12.0 released

Just as I was set up for a big deployment of v11.2, they go and release v12.  Typical.  v12.0 of the Online Plug-in is the new version of Web Interface client and the old PN Agent.  The Program Neighborhood is long gone of course.

At first glance it appears to be basically exactly the same as v11.2 with some bug fixes so I am not sure the major edition change was entirely necessary, but I suppose we should be grateful that its not been renamed!  Suspiciously available on the same day as new versions of XenApp, the Streaming Client and Profiler and various other things, I can’t help but wonder whether the version change was decided on by Marketing.

Anyway, the client is available from here:

Online Plug-in - Version 12.0

And here are its list of issues fixed…


Anonymous said...

I fail to see why citrix have got rid of the program neighbourhood. I need to, as I am sure many others do, connect to many different farms of our clients via wan and lan, to connect directly to individual servers not the published desktops & apps as I fulfill a support role accessing a published app will drop me on to any one of the servers publishing it. Seems to me that this hasn't been though through. Unless anyone can tell me how I can connect to my custom ica connections not via a web interface using xenapp 12 client I am going to install old client again.

Ed said...

I do have to agree with you that the removal of the Program Neighborhood is a pain - it was a genuinely useful support tool. That said, its removal (especially the fact XenApp 6 farms won't work with it) has forced us to actually migrate end users onto more modern clients, which we should have done years ago.

Citrix's replacement for the support aspects of it is the Quick Launch tool - I've found this quite fiddly but it does the job and is worth a look. Its useful for creating ICA files too.

I miss Program Neighborhood for quickly connecting to server desktops over ICA, and though Quick Launch can do this I've found myself using the excellent mRemote (, which I use for RDP servers anyway and does ICA too.

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